Statements by family members of Varavara Rao after meeting him at Nanavati Hospital

Statements by family members of Varavara Rao after meeting him at Nanavati Hospital

May 2020

Mid-day / Chetna Sadadekar

After a wait of four months, the family of Varavara Rao finally got to meet him at Nanavati Hospital. Rao’s wife and elder daughter met him on Friday and Saturday. While he is being treated for a urinary tract infection, his family said that he has contracted a fungal infection on his feet and knees. However, the family is unaware of the tests that have been conducted and the reports of the same as the hospital authorities told them that reports have to be submitted to the court.
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N Venugopal writes after meeting VV Rao at Nanavati Hospital


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Akkaiah (Hemalatha, Poet’s partner), Sahaja (Poet’s daughter) and I met VV separately in Nanavati Hospital today morning. Akkaiah was allowed twice for 20 minutes and Sahaja and me each 15 minutes once. The first thing VV told Akkaiah was “they are going to discharge me today. They are just waiting for your visit and doctors wanted to speak to you before discharge and sending to hospital!”
It seems after the High Court order on Wednesday, he was hurriedly brought to the hospital and various tests were done till two in the night. “All normal” reports were made by Thursday and waiting for family so that he could be discharged and sent back to jail began.
All this is an attempt to refuse bail, said VV.
He looked weak and fragile. With huge weight loss, age is showing. Still he has not got control over urination. Nails of feet and hands are discoloured. Hands are shivering. But then the hospital thinks he is normal to be discharged!
Only good thing that happened in the hospital seems to removal of catheter and urine bag.
So we don’t know when he will be sent back to jail. Though keeping him in hospital for 15 days was mentioned by judges and reported in press, that did not come into the written order. The court’s direction of allowing family visit is being interpreted by police officials in the hospital as they like.
Amidst such ill-health and so many conspiracies, his spirits are high. He is mentally as strong as he was. He enquired about many friends and said he was quite alright. Tears welled up in his eyes hearing the death news of Seshaiah.
Except RELEASE, nothing is the needed relief.

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