Who Is Anand Teltumbde?

Who Is Anand Teltumbde?

The Struggle Against Dalit Oppression in India


Jacobin / by Kunal Chattopadhyay

The Indian state has imprisoned the Dalit intellectual Anand Teltumbde on trumped-up charges of terrorism and subversion. His activism and writing on caste and class are needed more than ever in the struggle against both casteism and capitalism.
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Who’s Afraid of Anand Teltumbde?


The Wire / by N. Balmurli

Teltumbde’s writing has exposed the hypocrisy of the votaries of neo-liberal capitalism, caste deniers and Hindutva triumphalists. It is they who seek to silence him today.
… A consummate polymath, Anand Teltumbde is at once comfortable with hard-nosed political-economic analyses of globalisation, as with the cultural-politics of caste identities and caste-class dialectics, or with the techno-business strategic policy formulations that figure in trade journals.
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